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Woodchip Facility—Maydon Wharf1

Woodchip Facility - Maydon Wharf

The structural steel being used on the project comprises of the main storage shed and distribution conveyor weighing 770 ton. The screen building, rising conveyor gantries and transfer towers weigh approximately 100 ton. The storage shed main portals are designed as trussed rafters in an “A” -Frame configuration weighing 10.3 ton each, and were erected in 3 components, spliced in mid-air using two heavy duty erection cranes.

The main portals, spaced on a 16 meter bay, are tied together at the apex of the apex of the¬†“A” -Frame by the distribution conveyor gantries which were erected through the main portals using a 140 ton mobile hydraulic crane to a height of 37 meters. Each grantry¬† section has a weight of 9.5 ton and a minimum of 5 were erected in each session.

The most challenging operation in the construction of the shed was the initial erection of the braced-bay, which required the use of 3 heavy duty mobile cranes and the installation of 26 components, all in a 1 day operation to achieve a self-supporting structure.

This project had to be completed on an extremely tight, fast-track programme in order to meet it’s planned 14 month construction period, without jeopardizing health and safety and environmental impact.

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